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Exhibited work:​

  • 2019 The Contemporary Dayton, Annual Juried Arts Gala, Dayton, Ohio

  • 2019 Front Street Gallery Experience, Art in the City, Dayton, Ohio

  • 2019 Preble County Arts Association, Annual Juried Exhibit, Eaton, Ohio


  • 2020 Us & Them Gallery, Solo Exhibit; Emergence, Dayton, Ohio

  • 2020 Artists United, Dayton, Ohio

  • 2020 Orphanage Gallery, Solo Show; YumYum

  • 2020 The Contemporary Dayton, Annual Members Show, Dayton, Ohio

  • 2020 The Contemporary Dayton, Annual Arts Gala, Dayton, Ohio

  • 2020 Ohio Art League, Columbus, Ohio

  • 2020 Front Street Experience Gallery, Art in the City, Dayton, Ohio

  • 2020 The Contemporary Dayton, Life in the City Exhibit, Dayton, Ohio

  • 2020 Divisible Projects, Grey/Gray Matters; curated by Jeffrey Cortland Jones, Dayton, Ohio

  • 2020 Clark Gallery, Broken Like Confetti, Greenville, Ohio

  • 2020 Roy G Biv Gallery, SmallWorks, Columbus, Ohio


  • 2021 Dayton Society of Artists, Solo Show, Layer Cake, Dayton, Ohio

  • 2021 (May) Roy G Biv Gallery, Columbus, Ohio

  • 2021 SHRINE, Empty Gallery Show, NYC

  • 2021 Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and Museum, Out of the Darkness, Hamilton, Ohio

  • 2021 Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art

  • 2021 Neon Heater, Solo Show, Viper Farm, Findlay, Ohio

  • 2024 Locust Projects, Miami, Florida

Media and Press:

  • Dayton Daily News, "Home Studios and Creating During Covid-19"

  • Most Metro, "Artists Finding Opportunities in Times of Crisis"

  • Bean to Barstool podcast: "Painting with Flavor"

  • Ohio Magazine, artwork feature

Service & Advisory:

  • 2019 Darke County Center for the Arts, 3 year term board member

  • 2019 Curator: Gathering at Garst Annual Fine Art Exhibit, Greenville, Ohio

  • 2020 Curator: Broken Like Confetti, Clark Gallery, Greenville, Ohio

Memberships and Affiliations:

  • Darke County Center for the Arts

  • Ohio Art League

  • Preble County Arts Association

  • Dayton Society of Art

  • Artists United, Dayton Chapter

  • Essential Artists Dayton

  • The Contemporary Dayton

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