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Series in progress: 2021-ongoing

Surprising objects like thigh-high boots, tote bags, and charm bracelets are the unlikely and carefree subjects of my jumbo paintings. Materialism, specifically in regards to fashion, tech, food, and home are the jumping off point for the motivation behind the “Material Girl” series. I explore the ways material tokens influence the behaviors and identity of cultures through entire generations.

These cut-out canvas paintings are installed using massive plastic pinning pucks (imagine thumbtacks on steroids). I create these pinning pucks specifically for each piece to ensure the installation system is as much a visual component as it is practical.

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These three dimensional works are an offspring of the plastic pinning pucks that are created for my painted canvas' hanging system.

The rectangular shaped objects (which I lovingly term "Pound Cakes" are a mixture of plastic and painting. They affix to the wall as modern sculpture.

The painted works are layered and assembled pieces of canvas that are embedded with plastic pucks.

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